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Too late now. We've already arrived at our chalet-camping site in Brittany by the time I remind myself that I'm something of a princess and practically dirt phobic. Then, as we... Continue reading 


My ten-year-old daughter Hannah has a vision for our first mother-and-daughter holiday together – a seven-day Mediterranean cruise. ‘There’ll be lots of swimming, shopping... Continue reading

Ski and Mountains

It's rare I warn my family not to expect too much from their holiday, but that was how this ski trip began. The reason? I'd picked our destination not because of the facilities...Continue reading

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We were stuck in traffic in a cab – my brother, sister, father and I – each lost in our own thoughts, staring out of the windows. The central London pavements were bustling in the glare of autumnal sunshine. A young couple strolled arm-in-arm, pausing to kiss before continuing on their way. Two parents battled with their toddler, who was throwing a tantrum... Continue reading

Family and Features

It’s a little-known fact that the flying trapeze was invented by a Frenchman called Jules Léotard. I know this because I’ve long held a fascination for all things circus. Enid Blyton’s books set... Continue reading

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